Head of School

Job description

Key responsibilities:

• Responsible for the safety and integrity of students in the school;

• To ensure the learning of students through the highest quality of teaching and to promote excellent treatment to the RED HOUSE families;

• To manage the RED HOUSE unit globally, ensuring the running of the school in an organic way;

• To answer for every result of the school be them pedagogical or administrative and financial, with the objective of reaching established goals, being responsible for maintaining the team lined-up with the strategic goals of RED HOUSE;

• To direct the school within the legal norms of the educational system, following ordinances and instructions, adhering to deadlines and demands established by the local Education Secretariats;

• To plan the school calendar (meeting, field trips and other events), following guidelines of the chain;

• To guide the RED HOUSE pedagogical team, closely overseeing the development of students;

• To evaluate the performance of the pedagogical team, promoting constant professional development;

• To participate in the recruiting process of the administrative and pedagogical teams, if necessary, to hire the best professionals;

• To act in the adaptation of these professionals, presenting them with the teaching system, the school calendar, procedures and standards of the institution;

• To supervise, alongside the coordinator/teacher, when necessary, the planning of activities for students with special needs and cases of inclusion;

• To promote pedagogical training (Academic Meetings, the start of the school year and others), ensuring the professional development of the RED HOUSE pedagogical team;

• To evaluate and control the material requirements of the unit, forwarding purchase requests to the financial department whenever necessary;

• Validar e acompanhar o plano de adaptação para novos alunos;

• To check the menu and talk to the nutritionist to adjust issues with the nourishment that is offered to students, when necessary;

• To watch over the maintenance of the property, evaluating and prioritizing based on available resources and demanding actions from the administrative team;

• To act in the identification of operational improvements in school processes, suggesting and implementing projects that are aligned with the RED HOUSE strategy, as long as they are approved by the Pedagogic Board of the chain.


• Minimum 2-year teaching experience in basic bilingual education

• Minimum 5 years of experience in positions of coordination and/or management in the bilingual education area

• Fluent/native English;

• Knowledge in pertinent legislations;

• Knowledge of the BNCC guidelines;

• Experience in People Management;

• Knowledge of the IB Methodology will be a differential.


• Academic formation in Pedagogy with focus in School Administration/Management at an undergraduate level.