Teaching Assistant, Early Years - Curitiba (PR)

Job description

Are you passionate about Early Years learning? Would you like to help and inspire students right at the start of their learning journey?

If you are looking for a long-term position in the Red House International organization, this great opportunity as a Teaching Assistant could be the perfect role for you!


To be considered for this position, you will need to show that you are an inspirational Early Years Educator, capable of bringing a high level of creativity to our school. Successful applicants will have a motivational and inspirational attitude and a fun, charismatic disposition, allied with powerful leadership skills and professionalism. You will be able to deliver insightful learning opportunities on the full range of topics covering every area of our bilingual- international curriculum.

Contribute to building a robust learning atmosphere that motivates students’ appreciation for being at school and feeling part of a joyful community.

This Teaching Assistant's role entails supporting the Head Teacher and their cheerful pupils, as well as contributing to the quality of the teaching and learning within and beyond the classroom, in line with our school's philosophy.


● Provide support in the classroom, sharing with the teacher the conveying of activity instruction to students in order to enhance learning;

● Assist the teacher in the distribution and collection of materials, etc.;

● Participate in the implementation of didactic-pedagogical projects at the school;

● Keep the classroom organized, anticipating the materials requested by the teacher;

● Be responsible for decorating walls, doors, tables and bulletin boards around the school;

● Ensure safety, constantly staying with the students, in any activity, observing, guiding and interfering when necessary, to avoid the likelihood of accidents. Keeping this stance comprehensively for all school students;

● Receive students upon school arrival and exit, paying attention to safety standards, handing the child over only to the person in charge;

● Be responsible for managing the class in times of absence or temporary unavailability of the head teacher;

● Record students' activities through videos and photos and send them to the teacher, within the previously established deadline, without harming the classroom’s dynamics;

● Attend academic meetings, educational conferences and development workshops in order to maintain and improve professional competence;

● Follow Red House's general guidelines (Language Policy, Teachers' Handbook, Assessment Policy).


● 2 years of classroom experience;

● Early Childhood education experience;

● Bilingualism;

● Classroom management is a plus;

● Knowledge in Child Development is desirable.